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Drawing was my first artistic medium. Illustration is one of my favorite fields of study. I enjoy drawing surrealistic and postmodern illustrations but I do not limit my art to any scope.

The color pencil brought my sketches into a new realm of vibrant hues. I started learning color pencils with the guidance of illustrator and digital artist Mark J Ferrari. I took art lessons with him every two weeks. These art sessions taught me everything from composition to pencil techniques. To further my color pencil training I took classes with artist Carol Baker at the Mendocino Art Center. I draw with Prismacolor pencils on vellum Bristol paper.

I like to draw in black and white from time to time, but I find that the product is less complex, and not as visually stimulating as color. Although, I would be nowhere in my color work without the skills and tricks that black and white drawing teaches about composition, contrast, and tonal variation. I draw with a Stanford Design Ebony Jet Black Extra Smooth pencil on vellum Bristol paper, as well as common #2 pencils, charcoal, and pen & ink.

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