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Jordan, Mischa, and I, just Another Day in Mendocino by the Pacific. Tide pools, headlands, Big River Bay, some frisbee, and skateboarding.

Solo bike trip through Big Sur for spring break in 2006. Too much sun, a whole day and night of rain, a lot of solitude, a few crazy people, and some serious mileage.

Eight days Backpacking in the wilderness on the Eel River. The summer of 2007. Hot weather, lots of hiking, swimming in paradise everyday, great group, and spicy food. Enjoy the photography.

I spent a month in Kerala, India in December of 2007 to January 2008 with my sister while she was living there. A place full of nice people, great food, and some amazing sights. I tried to catch some of them with my camera but nothing can capture the smells, dust, humidity, and experience.

Snapshots of Mendocino. Forest trails and the Pacific Ocean, Lots of critters and wildlife. One of my favorite homes on the planet.

Santa Barbara makes for a variety of photos. City lights, broken glass, and a saturated rainbow.

Santa Cruz is full of interesting places. Pools with sunset reflections, hiking and much more.

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